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Tier 2 (General)

*Tier 2 is due to be replaced by the Skilled Worker Route from 1 December 2020. These web pages will be updated after the new rules have been published. Our blog post about the Skilled Worker Route includes some of the information we have about the Skilled Worker Route so far.*

Tier 2 (General) is the most common category for international students to stay and work in the UK. Under Tier 2, you would be sponsored by an employer to undertake a specific job. In order to sponsor a worker under Tier 2, your employer must be listed on the UKVI Register of Sponsors (please note this is updated daily). Current rules require that you would only be eligible to switch from Tier 4 to Tier 2 if you are doing a job which is at degree level of higher (RQF 6).

See the section 'attributes' for further details about the minimum salary you need to earn, the Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) issued by your employer and the funds which you need to show in your bank account. 

Eligible family members can come to or stay in the UK as your dependants. 

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