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Extenuating circumstances

The following questions are all answered in our Extenuating Circumstances Guide - click Extenuating Circumstances in the left hand menu to view this guide:

  • What type of academic situations might be affected by extenuating circumstances
  • Details about late submission of coursework, exams, absence from exams, absence from College etc
  • The College procedures for submitting an extenuating circumstances claim
  • The documentation you need to provide and how to prepare it
  • Further help and support

 Academic appeals

If you are thinking of appealing against a decision of the Examination Board, you should read the relevant section of the College's Academic Regulations to check what grounds you can appeal on. 

The Students' Union has a permanent staff member who is trained to help you submit your request for a review. Someone from the Students Union can also accompany you if you have to attend any meetings with the College. Contact the Students' Union as soon as you start thinking about a possible appeal, to get accurate advice about your grounds for an appeal, and to meet the required submission deadlines. This support is also available to students studying at the School of Medicine and Dentistry.

Contact: Annie Mitchell, Advice and Advocacy Manager
Queen Mary Student' Union
Students' Union Hub

Tel: 020 7882 8042

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