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Exams and deadlines coming up?

Find out about all the support on offer at Queen Mary University of London to help you  to study well 

Study support in the library

graphicA wide range of resources and activities are available in the library to support your studies at Queen Mary including:

  • Study Skills collection provides resources to help develop key skills in areas such as exams, research, presentations and reading/writing.
  • Writing and Study Guidance (from Learning Development) helps students at any level from any subject discipline, undergraduate or postgraduate, to become more effective in their academic work. They can help with aspects of study including reading effectively, writing, exam technique, revision, note-taking, time-management, critical thinking, avoiding plagiarism, presentation skills and group work. Throughout the year they run one-to-one tutorials, drop-ins, retreats and various workshops. 
  • Royal Literary Fund Fellows are available for tutorials with students from any discipline - their aim is to help the student develop clear, lively, accurate writing that gets its meaning across with the minimum of fuss.
  • One-to-one Statistics Guidance tutorials for non-Mathematicians who need to use statistics in their coursework, research project or dissertation.

Exam stress

Being anxious about exams is very common, and very normal. The fact is that you are being tested, explicitly about knowledge of your subject, but implicitly for your ability to perform under pressure, so in a way, you are meant to be anxious!

Our Counsellors have written a blog post about taking care of your emotional and mental wellbeing during the exam period.

More information and advice about managing exam anxiety.


One of the most common problems worrying students is the tendency to put things off until the last moment - or to beyond the last moment. Of course it is not only students who have trouble with this habit. Probably every one of us has tried to avoid some unpalatable task at some time - it is a natural human reaction. 

However, university students are particularly vulnerable, possibly because of the amount of work expected of them, the lack of formal structure in university and the range of tempting distractions on campus. Read more information and advice on procrastination.

Students' Union Academic Advice Service

If you encounter any academic problems while you're studying, the Union's Academic Advice Service is there to help. It is an independent, free and confidential service open to all Queen Mary students.

Advisers can offer confidential advice and representation on a range of academic issues including: 

  • Applications for extenuating circumstances
  • Requests for a review of an exam board decision
  • Allegations of plagiarism or an examination offences
  • Allegations of breach of the code of student discipline
  • Appeals against the outcome of a disciplinary hearing, either under the examination offences regulations or the code of student discipline
  • Appeals against deregistration from a module or course
  • Complaints regarding a member of staff or course delivery
  • Bullying or harassment by a member of staff or fellow student
  • PhD supervision
  • Fitness to practice issues

Peer Assisted Study Support 

PASS is a course-based mentoring scheme, run for students by students. 

It gives first-years (and sometimes second-years) the opportunity to discuss study-related problems in a friendly, informal setting and get general advice from higher-year undergraduates in their subject.


Thinking of interrupting or leaving?

If you are thinking of interrupting or leaving your course, and you are worried about how to proceed, or what the implications will be for your funding or your immigration status, please read our guidance.

How Queen Mary uses information about your attendance / engagement

This short film explains why Queen Mary collects data about your engagement and attendance, and how it uses it to support you.

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