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In normal circumstances, it is best if you can simply give students our contact details, so that they can contact us themselves. If you are worried about a student and you would like to know whether they have made contact with us and accessed support, please ask the student to let you know directly. We are not able to tell you if a student is using our services.

If you are particularly worried about a student and they seem anxious about contacting us themselves, you may wish to telephone us while the student is with you. Our frontline staff team will need to speak directly to the student themselves, but it can sometimes help if you make the initial call to us and then pass the telephone over to them. Alternatively, some students may like you to walk over to the Advice and Counselling Service with them the first time. These options can be particularly useful if the student lacks the confidence, knowledge or language skills to explain to us what help they need.

Alternatively, you may wish to email us or call us to let us know that you have referred a student to us, and what your concerns are. We will not be able to tell you if the student does make contact with us, but we can note their name and our frontline staff team will look out for their contact. If you want to know the outcome, please ask the student to let you know.

Please keep in mind that we can only work effectively with students if they are willing and open to seeking help and support. Please do not insist that students come and see us if they do not wish to, as we are not able to work with students who are not willingly engaging with us.

If you are concerned that a student may be at immediate risk to themselves or others, or if you feel a student is in need of urgent assistance, please consult the following:

Supporting students in urgent situations [PDF 3,551KB]

If you have any questions about how best to refer students to us, please contact us.

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