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Occasionally, students may need to take a short leave of absence during term-time. For example, a student may need to take a break of a week to attend a funeral of a close relative.

You will need to work with the student to decide if they will be able to stay up-to-date with their studies during their absence and, if necessary, make any special arrangement to catch up with their studies once they return. If a student's absence will cause them to fall behind in their studies or will cause them fail to perform to their full potential in their exams, it may be more appropriate for a student to interrupt their studies. Student's who are considering whether or not they should interrupt their studies can read our guides:

There are additional points to consider when an absence is for an international student with Tier 4 immigration permission. The Immigration Compliance Team have outlined the process of when and how to inform them of absences, which includes a template letter, for Tier 4 students on their Wiki page

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