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What documents can the Advice and Counselling Service provide for students, eg, for Extenuating Circumstances claims?

Students who have attended an appointment with the Advice and Counselling Service can request a ‘Certificate of Attendance’.  This will simply state the date/s that they have attended an appointment with us.  Students must request the certificate themselves, and can do so by contacting the Advice and Counselling Service reception staff, either in person, by telephone (020 7882 8717) or by email (

If we are, or have been, working with a student and feel that we can offer further information in order to help academic colleagues make decisions about Extenuating Circumstances etc, we will add this information to the Certificate of Attendance.

The absence of any additional information on our Certificate of Attendance does not imply that the student does not have any Extenuating Circumstances, it is simply that we have not worked with a student in a substantial enough way to include this information.

If you feel that a student would benefit from our support services, please do refer them to us.

However, if students are not a cause for serious concern, and do not seem particularly interested in accessing our services, please do not refer them to us simply for a certificate of attendance. We can only provide documentation for students who wish to engage with our support services.

If a student tells you that they have a medical condition (including mental health), please advise them to contact their General Practitioner, NHS consultant or other medical professional for certification in the first instance.

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