Advice and Counselling Service

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Our frontline team are here to help you with basic information and queries, and can arrange for you to see one of our specialist staff.

You can contact our frontline team by calling in person, or by telephone or email.  If you are not sure what kind of help you are looking for, just contact our frontline team and they can talk to you about your queries and concerns, and help you to get the support you need.  Often, our frontline team can solve your question straight away…you may not need to see one of our specialist staff.

If you don’t feel comfortable explaining your situation in our reception area, just mention this to one of our frontline team and they will be happy to take you to a quieter area where you can talk more privately.

We have lots of leaflets, information and self help materials that you can read in our reception area, or take away with you.

You can also collect various application forms such as: University Financial Assistance Fund form and Student Finance application forms.

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