Comments from students who have used our Service

Welfare Advice:

“The staff was very helpful. It literally could not be better. Within couple of days I got a very detailed written descriptions of my options and was able to arrange an additional one to one meeting.“

“The service I received…was excellent, my adviser was helpful and paid attention to what I was saying. She discussed all my options with me and also volunteered to talk to student finance on my behalf. She was quick to respond to my inquiries as well. Overall I am very satisfied with the service I received. Thank you.”

“I felt that I was listened to…The advisor was easy to talk to and really kind. She also told me about areas of support which I had not heard about.”


"I loved my counsellor. She was sympathetic and fair but also gave me useful tools to use outside of my counselling session that I hope will enable me to maintain my emotional wellbeing long term."

“I saw [a counsellor]….He was very welcoming, professional and helped me move past a stage where I was having panic attacks. I felt very happy with the support offered by the service and would come back again if I needed help in the future.”

“I saw my counsellor for six sessions over a period of a few months and I noticed a drastic improvement in my wellbeing as a result.”

“My experience with a the counsellor at QM helped me gain so much clarity and confidence, and also comfort through knowing that I can go back to them in I need help or advice. Thank you very much.”

Frontline team:

“Very friendly and approachable”
“Helpful from the moment I walked in! Nothing to improve upon”

Your feedback is important to us…

We welcome feedback from students.  This helps us to review our services, and to make sure that we are offering you the support you need.  There are a number of ways that you can tell us what you think:

Complete our online feedback survey - chance to win a £50 Amazon voucher!

All applicants and students who have received counselling or welfare advice from us are sent an email inviting them to complete our short online feedback survey.  If you have had support from one of our counsellors or welfare advisers, look out for this email and complete the survey while your experience with us is fresh in your mind. We operate a draw three times a year (once each semester and once in the exam term) from completed responses to our survey, and each time one student will win a £50 Amazon voucher.

We review this feedback regularly, and use it to review our services.  You can see a summary of previous feedback below.

Send us an email

You can email us via our website here.  We are always pleased to hear what you think about us; this might be about our website, our frontline reception service, our self help materials…let us know your views.

Speak to one of our staff

If you prefer, have a chat with one of us; you can speak to us in person, or call us on 020 7882 8717.

Summary of feedback

Here are some examples of how we have responded to your feedback:

  • You said: It was difficult to navigate our website, but it contained all the necessary information.
    We did: We are currently working on a project to improve our existing website including the layout e.g. making the opening times more visible, and the format of information.
  • You said: You wanted greater automatic confidentiality at reception.
    We did: We improved publicity in our waiting area to let students know they can speak to frontline staff in a private space. Many students have already taken up this opportunity.
  • You said: The drop-in service is confusing and it isn’t clear what I can expect.
    We did: We have re-named this to a “same-day appointment” system and have improved our description of what is on offer.

Some statistics...

Respondents to our feedback survey in 2014/15 (based on responses from Semester 1 & 2) said:

  • 87% rated our website as excellent or good
  • 97% rated their overall experience of the Advice and Counselling Service reception as excellent or good
  • 87% were satisfied with the time they had to wait to see a counsellor or welfare adviser
  • 86-95% agreed their counsellor or welfare adviser was skilled and competent, professional, easy to talk to, reliable and trustworthy
  • 95% felt that to some extent obtaining welfare advice or counselling improved their overall experience of university
  • 70% felt that to some extent obtaining welfare advice or counselling helped them to stay at university
  • 92% rated their overall experience of the Advice and Counselling Service as excellent or good
  • 85% would use the Advice and Counselling Service again in the future if they needed to
  • 91% of students who had counselling or welfare advice would recommend the service to their friends