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QMSU supports NUS and Standalone’s Estranged Students Solidarity Campaign

28 November 2017

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Support for students without family contact at Queen Mary

What is estrangement?

Estrangement from family members usually means when communication with your family either stops completely or occurs very rarely. It may occur between just two members of a family, or sometimes between one person and the whole of their family.

This is not uncommon. Research by the charity Stand Alone suggests that one in five UK families will be affected by estrangement. A common time for this to occur is during late adolescence when a teenager begins to form their own beliefs, become more independent and make their own life decisions.

1 in 5 families in the UK will be affected by estrangement and over 4 million people have cut contact with at least one family member. As we approach Christmas, feelings of estrangement may become more difficult and harder to cope with.  Read more...



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