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If you are having problems with your Student Finance application, for example if it is delayed beyond the standard processing times, or you have been found ineligible and think this is wrong, please contact a Welfare Adviser in the Advice and Counselling Service for advice.  If your case is complex, with your permission we can liaise with Student Finance on your behalf.

If your Student Finance application has been approved, and you have completed QMUL enrolment, but you have not received the payment into your account, make sure that all of the steps below have been completed:

  • You've submitted your application and all the correct supporting evidence
  • Your bank details are correct on your application – check your online account
  • You've fully enrolled
  • QMUL has confirmed your attendance to Student Finance England
  • You’ve allowed 2-3 working days for the funds to be paid into your bank account

If all of these steps have been completed and you still haven't received payment, you can call SFE on 0300 100 0607 to try and find out what is causing the delay. If you are unable to resolve this, you can contact a Welfare Adviser in the Advice and Counselling Service. 

The Students Loans Company do have a formal complaints procedure if you wish to complain about the delay in processing your application. You can register a formal complaint by: 

Telephone: 0300 100 0601 

When registering your complaint by email you can complete the Online Customer Complaint form and attach it to your email.

For more information on making a complaint to SLC click here

Tuition fees and enrolment  

New students: 

You will be asked for your Student Support Number (SSN) at pre-enrolment, and at enrolment, however if you don't yet have an SSN because your Student Finance England (SFE) application has not yet been processed, you will still be able to fully enrol. 

Once your Student Finance application is processed, you won't need to notify the QMUL Finance Office because they will be able to obtain confirmation of your Tuition Fee Loan from SFE (Student Finance England).

Remember that you are liable for tuition fee payment once you have enrolled. This is explained in the QMUL Tuition Fee Regulations. 

You can read more information about enrolment on the QMUL induction web pages

Continuing students: 

Continuing students can fully re-enrol online, even if your Student Finance application has not yet been processed. Remember that you are liable for tuition fee payment once you have enrolled. This is explained in the QMUL Tuition Fee Regulations. 

Interest free loan from the university

If you have applied for Student Finance for living costs, and your application has been delayed, once you are fully enrolled you can apply to QMUL for an interest free loan. This can help you with your essential living costs for up to one month at a time, while you are waiting for your Student Finance. You can repay this money once you receive your payment from Student Finance. Contact the Student Enquiries Centre, ground floor, Queens' Building, or email

Bank overdraft facility

Most student bank accounts include an interest free overdraft facility. You could use this money for your living costs while you are waiting for your Student Finance. If you don't have a student bank account yet:

  • Ask your bank if they can upgrade your existing bank account to a student account with a free overdraft facility. You would need to show your bank proof of your confirmed offer or that you have enrolled at QMUL. Banks usually expect your Student Finance to be paid into your student bank account once it is processed. 
  • You could try opening a student account at the Santander bank in the Student Village at the Mile End campus (there are also other banks in the local area, but this is the only one on campus). To open an account in person you will need to take your passport or driving licence, and proof of your address, plus proof of your unconditional firm offer at QMUL (your UCAS letter) or your QMUL ID card if you have already enrolled . If your application is successful, you will normally get a £250 overdraft facility straight away. This will normally convert to a £1500 overdraft facility within two weeks of you paying in £500. The account has a condition that you must pay at least £500 in to it each semester. If you don't do this then the overdraft facility may be withdrawn.
  • If you already have a standard Santander account, go to your branch with your passport or driving licence, your debit card, and proof of your unconditional firm offer or enrolment at QMUL. They will then consider upgrading your account to a student one with an automatic overdraft facility of £250, and the possibility of extending this to a £1500 limit in line with the same conditions outlined above for new customers.
  • The Money Saving Expert website has a comparison of student bank accounts for new students. 

Eligibility for Student Finance 

If you have applied for Student Finance and have been told that you are not eligible for it, or you are not eligible for certain elements, or you have not got as much money as you anticipated, please contact a Welfare Adviser in the Advice and Counselling Service.  A Welfare Adviser can check your eligibility for the different elements of the Student Finance package, and can help you to remedy your situation or submit a formal appeal if appropriate. Similarly, if you are not sure if you are eligible for Student Finance, please read the Undergraduate Funding information and then contact a Welfare Adviser if you need more advice.


Law, regulations and policies can change quickly. The information on our website is given in good faith and has been carefully checked but QMUL cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions. QMUL is not responsible for the content or reliability of the linked websites which are provided for further information.

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