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QMUL Students' Union

The Student's Union at QMUL has many societies you can join, or you can start one up if you prefer.  There are society events and activities that go on throughout the year. 

The Students' Union runs a wide variety of events including day and weekend trips away, live music, comedy nights, movie screenings and lots more. These events are a great opportunity for you to make new friends, explore more of London and the UK and really make the most out of your time spent studying at QMUL.

International Students House

International Students House (ISH) is a social and cultural centre in London . QMUL pays the membership for our students. ISH organises lots of social events, designed to help you meet other students in London. They also screen movies, and they run a Travel Club which organises trips around the UK and Europe. 


Spend a weekend in a British home!
Would you like to learn more about British culture, meet British people, and explore British home-life?
HOST is a charity that wants to help you feel welcome in the UK and to give you a taste of British life first-hand. HOST has hundreds of friendly, welcoming people across the UK who would like to invite you to stay with them in their home for a weekend, or over Christmas or Easter. All hosts are unpaid, and invite students because they enjoy offering you a welcome to this country.Enjoy a short time away from your University work and benefit from this unique opportunity.
To find out more, or to submit an application, please visit
Helena Collins is the contact at QMUL - please email her with any questions on 

"If you are student, you need this experience. Because from this wonderful journey, you will get precious friendships, good experiences and unforgettable memories of your life.” Yingyu Hu, Chinese student

Things to do in London

There are plenty of fun things to do in London, and they do not need to be expensive.  Time out magazine has a list of free activities and events to try in London. The Time Out guide has listings of many of the films, shows, music gigs, and exhibitions to see as well as places to eat. You can pick up a free Time Out magazine every week, outside tube stations on a Tuesday morning. The magazine has weekly listings of events in London.

You can find detailed information about all of the different ways to travel around London, how to plan your journey, and ticketing information on the Transport for London website.

UK Student Life Website

The UK Student Life website regularly updates monthly events in the UK including many festivals. The website is specially designed for international students in the UK.

Adapting to a new culture

Depending on where you are from, you may find that life in the UK is very different to what you are used to. For example, the food, the weather, the way people dress, how they behave,and how they speak, may all be unfamiliar and might take time to get used to. UKCISA has some useful information on their website to help you with this. 

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