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You could change your course, for example changing degree subject, adding or taking away a sandwich placement or changing from a four year MSci/Meng etc. to a three year BSc/BEng etc. You would need to discuss the academic requirements of the change with your School.

Depending on when you applied for your current Tier 4 immigration permission there are differing restrictions from an immigration perspective, please see below.

In all cases, if you are making an application for new immigration permission, you must meet the academic progression requirements. 

If you are not sure whether the Immigration Rules would allow you to change course, then contact us before you change programme.

Your new programme has an earlier end date than your original programme

When you complete the programme QMUL will notify the Home Office of your early completion and your immigration permission should be curtailed (shortened).

Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS)

If you change to a new programme (or a period of research) at QMUL which requires an ATAS certificate, this must be obtained before you start the new programme.
If you need a new ATAS certificate, we recommend that you apply for your new ATAS certificate as soon as possible, please see our information about ATAS.

If you are financially sponsored

If you are sponsored by your government or other organisation, check that they will continue to fund you for your new programme of study. If not, you will need to find an alternative financial sponsor or other funds. Students who are fully funded specifically by a government or international scholarship agency for both fees and living costs, or who have had such funding in the last 12 months, always need the consent of the sponsor for any new Tier 4 application.

Progressing to a new programme at QMUL

After completing your current programme at QMUL, you may want to progress to a higher level programme, or in some cases another programme at the same level.
Please refer to the detailed guidance on our website to help you prepare a successful Tier 4 immigration application. The section of the Tier 4 advice guide called 'Enrol' explains when you will be able to enrol at QMUL, and when you need to make your Tier 4 application. 

We have separate guidance which explains the QMUL procedures for transferring or withdrawing from QMUL.

Progressing to a new programme at another institution

You will need to make a new Tier 4 application using a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from your new institution. Ask your new institution or UKCISA for advice about meeting the immigration requirements.

We have separate guidance which explains the QMUL procedures for transferring or withdrawing from QMUL.

Withdrawing from your programme and moving to another Tier 4 sponsor

You will need to make a new Tier 4 application. If you fail to complete the programme for which your CAS was issued, you can normally only make a new Tier 4 application in your home country, not in the UK. Ask your new institution or UKCISA for advice about meeting the immigration requirements.
We have separate guidance which explains the QMUL procedures for transferring or withdrawing from QMUL.

Medical students undertaking an intercalated degree

Whether your intercalated degree is at QMUL or at another Tier 4 sponsor, as long as you have enough immigration permission to undertake the intercalation, you do not need to make a new Tier 4 application before you start the intercalation. QMUL will notify the Home Office about the change to your studies. If you are intercalating at a different institution, that institution will be responsible for notifying the Home Office of any relevant changes during that period, until you return to QMUL. When you need to extend your stay to complete your studies, you can make this application in the UK. You can choose to make this application before or after the intercalation. If you decided to make an immigration application before the intercalation QMUL would not be able to issue a CAS until the change of programme form has been processed.

If you apply for your Tier 4 immigration permission from the UK before you undertake the intercalated year, you should be automatically issued with a refund for any overlapping periods of Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) which you pay.

Undertaking periods of PG research overseas

If you are a PGR student and your School and the Research Degrees Office agree that you can conduct your research overseas, and you will still complete your course in the time period scheduled, you can ask them to liaise with the Immigration Compliance Team to confirm that you will still studying during this time. If the period of research overseas is approved, then the Immigration Compliance Team will report this as a change of study location to UK Visas and Immigration.
During this period, you will need to maintain regular contact with your supervisor and fulfil any requirements stipulated by the Research Degrees Office.

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