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Will I have to repay bursary money to QMUL?

Will I have to repay bursary money to Queen Mary?

Queen Mary Bursaries

If you are eligible for a Queen Mary Bursary and you interrupt or withdraw from your studies, transfer to another university or are deregistered, your bursary will be affected in line with the tuition fee regulations  (see earlier section of this advice guide, Tuition Fees and Refunds). For example, if your interruption date means you are liable to pay 50% of the tuition fee for the academic year, you will receive 50% of the Queen Mary Bursary. If you interrupt before the bursary payment date (February and May), you will receive any amount of bursary due to you on the bursary payment date, even though you will not be attending at that time. You will not be asked to repay any overpayment of Queen Mary Bursary if you interrupt, withdraw, transfer or are deregistered.

You can get a Queen Mary Bursary if you are re-taking a year of study in attendance.

You cannot get a Queen Mary Bursary if you are re-sitting out of attendance.

For more information contact the Bursaries office: / 020 7882 5079

Other Scholarships and Bursaries

If you are receiving any other scholarships or bursaries, contact your individual bursary administrator for advice following an interruption, transfer or withdrawal of studies. You will need to ask whether you need to repay anything, and also if the scholarship or bursary would be payable if you need to re-take a period of study. Check your bursary award letter for their contact details.


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