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Financial Assistance Fund

Financial Assistance Fund


Financial Assistance Fund (FAF)


Financial Assistance Fund

If you are in financial hardship, you can apply to the Financial Assistance Fund (FAF), subject to eligibility criteria.

Can the Financial Assistance Fund help pay my tuition fees?

No, the fund cannot help pay tuition fees. However, if you are having difficulty paying your tuition fees,  in the Advice and Counselling Service at Queen Mary, for advice about your options.

I am eligible for a Student Finance Maintenance Loan but have only taken the non-income assessed portion of this. Can I still apply to FAF?

You must have taken your maximum entitlement to the Student Finance Maintenance Loan (if you are eligible for one) in order to apply to FAF – this includes the income assessed portion of the loan if you are eligible. If you are only eligible for an EU Tuition Fee Loan, you can still apply for help from FAF.

What help can I get from FAF?

You can apply for a ‘standard award’ which is help towards the difference between your income and basic expenses. You can also apply for a ‘non-standard award’ for help with a sudden financial emergency or special circumstances or costs that other students might not have, which are causing you financial difficulties.

Do I need to make separate applications for a standard and a non-standard award?

No. Whether you are applying for a standard award, or a non-standard award, or both at the same time, there is just one single application via your Mysis portal. 

When can I apply to FAF?

You can apply in each year of your programme, and as early in the academic year as you like, once you have fully enrolled. You can apply more than once each year if your circumstances have changed during that year. The way that applications are assessed is more generous for final year students, so even if you applied in earlier years and didn’t get an award, it can still be worth applying in your final year.

The deadline for applying is usually four weeks before the end of your academic year. The deadline is stated in the guidance notes.

Does the fund prioritise particular groups of students?

Priority is given to certain students, who are listed below. However, all students who have taken their maximum Student Finance Maintenance Loan (if they are eligible for this) and who are in financial hardship can be considered for financial assistance. So you should consider applying, even if you are not in one of these priority groups. Many students who are not in these priority groups get awards each year.

  • Students with children (especially lone parents)
  • Disabled students (especially where the Disabled Students’ Allowance is unable to meet particular costs)
  • Students who are care experienced or are estranged
  • Undergraduates in the final year of their study.

Where can I get an application form?

You can apply for FAF online

To apply online: 

  • Log in to your MySis portal and go to the Scholarships and Bursaries page (click + if not visible)
  • Click on ‘Apply for Scholarship or Bursary’
  • Select ‘Financial Assistance Fund’ from the funding type dropdown and complete the online application screens
  • Make sure you click the ‘Submit’ button on the final screen

For advice about your finances, or to discuss which aspects of your situation might be important to include in your application, 

How do I fill out the form?

You need to fill out all sections of the form including the income and expenditure sections. If you are applying for a non-standard award, you also need to explain your reasons for applying to the fund in the Personal Statement section of the online application form. You need to give an indication of how much your financial shortfall is (the difference between your income and expenses) and, if appropriate, what period of time you need financial assistance for. If you need advice about completing your application,  in the Advice and Counselling Service who can help you to fill out the form and explain your circumstances and the financial help you need.

I am a degree apprenticeship student, can I apply?

Students attending a degree apprenticeship are not eligible for this fund.


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