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Maintenance Loan

Maintenance Loan

What is the Maintenance Loan for?

This is money to help towards your living costs, like rent and food.

Age limit

You must be under 60 on 1st September in the year you start your course, to apply for a Maintenance Loan.

How is the Maintenance Loan paid?

Your Maintenance Loan is paid directly into your bank account in three equal instalments, at the start of each semester (September, January and April).

Long Courses Loan

If you are eligible for a Maintenance Loan, you can get an extra amount of Maintenance Loan above the standard amounts (see below) if you are required to attend your course for more than 30 weeks and 3 days in an academic year. The maximum amount of long courses loan is £120 for each extra week or £61 if you live in your parental home.

Short-term Loans from QMUL

If you are in financial difficulty because your Student Finance is late, or other money is temporarily delayed, you can apply for a discretionary short-term interest free loan from the university, if you are either a Home student, or an EU student who is eligible for Student Finance for living costs. Please contact the Bursaries, Grants and Scholarships Office, via the Student Enquiry Centre, ground floor Queens’ Building. Or email

How much is the Maintenance Loan?

The maximum amount of Maintenance Loan you can get depends on where you live, when you started your course, and what year of your course you are in. 

You should only apply for the ‘away from home’ rate of Maintenance Loan if you are living away. SFE may contact you to request evidence that you are living away from home for example your tenancy agreement. If you are living at home and getting the away from home rate of Maintenance Loan, SFE could consider your application to be fraudulent and could cancel your student finance entitlement. It is therefore important to ensure you are getting the correct amount of Maintenance Loan. If you planned to live away from home when you applied for Student Finance but your circumstances change it is important to notify SFE so that they can adjust your entitlement.

Course start date in 2012 or later (‘2012 cohort students’)

In 2018/19, the Maintenance Loan rates for students studying in London are:

Where you will be living

Maximum Maintenance Loan (100%)

Non-income assessed Maintenance Loan (65%)

Maximum Maintenance Loan minus maximum Maintenance Grant substitution[*]

Students not in their final year

Living away from home




Living at home




ULIP (overseas rate)

£7480 £4817 £5684

Final year students

Living away from home




Living at home




ULIP (overseas rate)

£6440 £4186 £4644

Income assessment

If your household’s income is £42,875 or below, you will get the maximum amount of Maintenance Loan, less any deduction for the Maintenance Grant (see Maintenance Grant section).

Where your household’s income is above £42,875 your loan amount will be reduced by £1 for every complete £8.84 of the total income above this threshold. However, this reduction does not continue indefinitely. You will always be entitled to at least 65% of the maximum amount of Maintenance Loan applicable to your situation, minus any deduction for the Maintenance Grant (see Maintenance Grant section). 35% of your Maintenance Loan entitlement is income assessed.

For more information about the income assessment, see Student Finance How you're assessed and paid 2018/19

[*] If you get a Maintenance Grant, your Maintenance Loan will be reduced (see Maintenance Grant section).

[†]If you get a Maintenance Grant, your Maintenance Loan will be reduced (see Maintenance Grant section).

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