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Attend your appointment

Attend your appointment

Submitting your documents

You will usually submit your documents at your local British visa application centre. In most countries, you will submit your original documents and the staff in the Visa Application Centre will scan them and hand them back to you. However they will not return your original passport. You will receive your passport back when a decision has been made on your application.  You should ensure that the staff at the visa application centre scan all of your relevant documents. 

Proving your identity 

You will also record your biometric details (fingerprints and a photograph) at your appointment. They will take a scan of your fingerprints and a digital photograph of your face. Your visa application centre or section will give you information on how and when you should do this.

Alternatively you may be told you can use the ‘UK Immigration: ID Check’ app to scan your identity document - you’ll also create or sign into your UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) account.

You’ll be told what you need to do when you apply.

Contacting UK Visas and Immigration

If you need to contact UK Visas and Immigration from outside the UK, you will be charged £1.37 per minute for calls to the helpline in addition to standard network charge and £5.48 per email. We recommend that you contact a Welfare Adviser if you have a query and you cannot find the answer in our guide or website. 

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