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Credibility interviews

Credibility interviews

When you apply in your home country, it is common to be invited to a video or telephone interview as part of your Student application. It is nothing to worry about, and you should answer the questions honestly, according to your situation and provide full, complete answers. 

If you are called for a second interview, it is a good idea to request a copy of the transcript of your interview.

It is expected that, before accepting your offer to study at , you will have researched your choice of course carefully. It is also expected that you will have thought about the practicalities of studying in the UK (budgeting, finding somewhere to live, etc.). If you have done this, you shouldn’t have any problem answering any questions as part of a credibility interview or an interview with an Entry Clearance Officer.

The Entry Clearance Officer may consider the following:

  • Your immigration history in the UK and other countries
    • Have you previously been refused immigration permission for the UK or elsewhere?
    • How long and for what purpose have you spent time in the UK and other countries?
    • Have you complied with the conditions of previous immigration permission?
  • Your education history, study and post-study plans
    • When and what were your most recent studies?
    • Why you have chosen to study in the UK?
    • Why you have chosen your subject and course?
    • Why you have chosen to study at Queen Mary?
    • What is your proposed career plan and how will your course at Queen Mary help you achieve that?
  • Your financial circumstances
    • Where is the money for your studies in the UK coming from?
    • Have you prepared a budget for your studies?
    • How do you know that you will have enough money to cover your expenses?
  • Queen Mary and any official agents we use overseas

If the Entry Clearance Officer is not convinced that you are genuine, you may be refused permission. 

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