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Apply outside the UK

Apply outside the UK


When can I apply?

The earliest you can apply is 6 months before the start date of your course. The estimated Student visa processing time is within 3 weeks, however applications can take longer, especially during the busy summer period. Make sure you allow enough time for your application to be processed so that you can arrive in the UK in time for the start of your programme of studies. You cannot submit your application until you have been issued a CAS

The form:

You apply and pay for your immigration application online

Our Guide to applying for Student immigration permission outside the UK 2020 [PDF 1,088KB]explains how to answer some of the more difficult questions on the visa application form, including how to answer the questions about your accommodation, if your accommodation has not yet been confirmed. 

The fee:

£348 in the currency local to the visa application centre or section.

In some countries there is an additional fee for an appointment. Check the exact application fee for the country where you will be applying on the UK Government website.

Where to apply

You should apply in the country where you are living.  This might not be your country of origin and refers to the place where you normally live, for example for work or study purposes. Many countries issue overseas nationals with residency cards in these circumstances.

Warning: You cannot apply in a country where you are visiting, unless you also happen to hold a passport of that country or a residence permit that allows you to live there.


Warning:If you are currently inside the UK and you are about to travel outside the UK to submit your immigration application, do not submit your online immigration application form until you have left the UK.


You can find which British visa application centre or section you need to apply to by visiting the UK Government website.

When will I be able to come to the UK?

If your course is 6 months or longer, or you are doing a Pre-sessional course, you can come to the UK one month before your course start date, or 7 days before your intended date of travel, whichever is later. 

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