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Worked example – partial scholarship

Worked example – partial scholarship

Student B

Do they meet the reduced maintenance requirement

No - They are not applying under the Doctorate Extension Scheme, applying as a sabbatical officer or applying to undertake a medical or dental foundation programme. They have not lived in the UK for 12 months or more with valid immigration permission.

Length of programme

12 months

Tuition fees

Her fees will be paid by their Government

Living in QMUL or University of London halls of residence


Receiving official sponsorship

She will be receiving a bursary of £1,100 for 12 months.

Student B’s bursary of £1,100 per month is below the required £1,334 per month for Student immigration permission. The shortfall is £234 per month.

As student B’s programme is 9 months or longer, she will need to show that she has the funds to make up this shortfall for 9 months.

£234 month x 9 months = £2,106

In addition to evidence of her scholarship and bursary (included in her CAS), student B will need to show that she has held a minimum of £2,106 for a 28 day period ending not more than 31 days before she submits her Student immigration application. Student B will need to use this guide to make sure that the evidence of her funds meet the requirements.

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