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Money held in your parent’s name

Money held in your parent’s name or partner's name

You can show the funds for your outstanding tuition fees and living expenes in your own personal bank account, your partner's account or your parent(s) personal bank account.


You can show the money in your partner's bank account if they are applying for permission at the same time as you, or have already been granted permission. 

If you are showing some or all of the funds in your parent's bank account, you will need to provide additional evidence, as outlined below. 

Birth Certificate

You will need evidence of the relationship between you and your parent(s). This is usually your birth certificate, or your adoption certificate if you are adopted. If your country does not issue birth certificates, the Home Office will accept another type of official document such as a government-issued household register, or whatever document is formally issued in your country as confirmation of birth.

If your documents are not in English they should be accompanied by an official translation

Court document

The only acceptable evidence of someone being your legal guardian is a court document that confirms their appointment as your legal guardian. An affidavit, even one sworn before a court, is not sufficient evidence.

Letter of consent

You will also need a signed letter from your parent or legal guardian confirming that they will allow you to use this money to pay your tuition fees and living costs in the UK.

Please see a sample of letter of consent below, if you are using funds in your parents' name.

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