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Loan letters

Loan letters

If your loan is provided by a government or provided by a government sponsored student loan company, or it is part of an academic or educational loan scheme, then you can show a loan letter from this provider as evidence of your funds.

If the loan is provided by an academic or educational loans scheme, then the financial institution must be regulated for the purpose of issuing student loans by either the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) or, in the case of overseas accounts, the official regulatory body for the country the institution is in and where the money is held. 

The letter should be dated no more than 6 months before the date you submit your visa application. It must:

  • confirm the loan is a student loan provided by either the relevant government or a government sponsored student loan company or an academic or educational loans scheme
  • confirm there are no conditions on release of the loan funds other than a successful application to study
  • confirm the amount of the loan
  • confirm the loan is for you
  • be on official stationery
  • confirm the funds will be:
    1. available to you before you travel to the UK; or
    2. paid directly to Queen Mary before you travel to the UK, with the living cost portion of the loan being made available to you by the time you arrive in the UK; or
    3. available before you begin your course if the loan is provided by your national government

You cannot use a loan in the name of your parents.

You cannot use a loan letter to show funds for your dependant. 

If you are getting a US Federal Loan, please see the information on the Loans for American students page and contact the Queen Mary Bursaries Office with any queries - The confirmation is your loan certificate which you can provide as part of your Student visa application, if required. 

For further details about the requirements of a loan letter, please see Appendix Finance of the Immigration Rules

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