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Student dependants

Student Dependants

Your partner and/or child can come to the UK as your Student Dependant, extend their stay as your Student Dependent, or switch from their current status to Student Dependant, if:

  • you are studying a postgraduate programme at Queen Mary which is 9 months or longer; or
  • you are financially sponsored by a Government or international sponsorship agency and you are studying a full-time programme which is at least 6 months long;
  • you have or are applying for permission under the Doctorate Extension Scheme

Your partner or child can apply for Student Dependant permission from inside the UK if they have been valid UK immigration permission in any category except the categories listed below:

(a) as a Visitor; or

(b) as a Short-term Student; or

(c) as a Parent of a Child Student; or

(d) as a Seasonal Worker; or

(e) as a Domestic Worker in a Private Household; or

(f) outside the Immigration Rules.

If you are studying a different course from those listed above, and your partner, child or children is/are already in the UK as your Tier 4 or Student Dependant(s), there are transitional measures which may allow them to extend their stay in the UK.

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