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Who can apply

Who can apply?

Short-Term Student immigration permission is for someone who is coming to the UK for a course of study, maximum 6 months. 

This could be suitable for you if you are:

A course of study refers to one or more consecutive or concurrent programme(s) of study which will be completed within the six month period. If you intend to undertake more than one course during the six month validity period of your Short-term Student visa, you should declare all of them as part of your application for immigration permission. 

Studying a distance learning course or undertaking re-sit exams or attending a viva exam

The Immigration Rules stipulate that an applicant must have been accepted on a course of study of no more than 6 months except for students undertaking a distance learning course. In order to qualify for Short-term Student immigration permission to come to the UK as part of a distance learning course, you should be studying for the majority of your time on a course outside the UK on a course longer than 6 months, and you can spend no more than 56 days in the UK in any 6 month period. 

Those undertaking re-sit exams or attending a viva exam are also eligible for Short-term Student immigration permission if the study does not exceed 6 months on any one occasion. 

We recommend that you add an explanation of your situation in the “Additional Information” section of your application form. You can use the following example text:

I am applying for a Short -term Student visa to undertake [a re-sit exam / re-sit exams / a viva]. While my course is longer than six months, I am required to be in the UK for less than six months. This is allowed by the Modernised Guidance (page 11,

A non-visa national who is coming to the UK as a Short Term Student without applying for entry clearance should carry a note of the above, in case you need to explain it to a Border Force Officer when you arrive in the UK.

Research, or tuition on how to conduct research

To come to the UK as a Short-Term Student for research or to receive tuition on how to conduct research you must:

  • be enrolled on a course at an academic institution outside of the UK equivalent to at least UK degree level study
  • the academic institution outside of the UK must confirm it is part of or relevant to the course you are studying there
  • have been accepted by QMUL (hold an unconditional offer) to conduct research or to receive tuition on how to conduct research
  • not be employed at QMUL to undertake your research

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