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Undertaking studies elsewhere

Undertaking studies elsewhere during a period of interruption or resitting out of attendance

You need to check with your School whether you are able to take time out of your course and how long you can interrupt your study.  

Impact on Tier 4 student immigration permission

If you are in the UK with Tier 4 student immigration permission and you interrupt your studies or re-sit out of attendance, you will not be required to attend your course. Queen Mary will report this to the Home Office and your visa should be curtailed.  Please see our guidance on Tier 4 Reporting and Curtailment for more information. 

Tier 4 progression requirements

Even if Queen Mary agrees that you can study elsewhere, the logistics of two new Tier 4 (General) Student immigration applications (one to move to your new institution and one to return to your studies at Queen Mary could be problematic.

Because you would not have completed your course at Queen Mary, you would normally have to return home to make an immigration application to study elsewhere as your new institution will be unable to certify progression.

You would normally have to return home to make your immigration application to resume your studies at Queen Mary. This is because your continued studies at Queen Mary would not be a progression of your studies elsewhere.

Tine spent attending another course on a Tier 4 visa would also count towards the cap (the number of years you are allowed to study in the UK at degree level).  See our section for information about the Time Limit (cap) on studies on Tier 4 leave.

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