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Transferring to a new programme of study

Transferring to a new programme of study

It is very important that you understand how a change of programme will affect your immigration permission. This is explained on our Changes to your programme of studies webpage.

If you want to change to a new programme of study, either at Queen Mary University of London or elsewhere, there are two potential options: transferring, or withdrawing and reapplying. The key difference between transferring and withdrawing is that if you are offered a transfer from one programme of study to another, this means that you have a guaranteed place on a new programme of study (although as a formality if you are an undergraduate you may need to also apply through UCAS). Whereas if you withdraw, you cease to be a student and your university records will be terminated - if you want to return to Queen Mary University of London then you will need to start all over again and apply for your place (through UCAS if you are undergraduate).

It is up to the institution running the programme of study that you want to change onto, whether they will accept you as a transfer student, or whether they need you to withdraw from your current programme of study and apply as a completely new student for the new programme of study.

Contact the Admissions Tutor for the programme of study you would like to join at Queen Mary University of London, or the admissions department at a different university, to ask how you should apply for a place, and whether you can be transferred or whether you will need to withdraw and apply again to start a new programme of study.

You should also check that your new institution would be able to issue you with a CAS. For example, they will need to check that you still have enough time left under the cap on the number of years studying in the UK on a Tier 4 student visa or pre-Tier 4 student visa. You can read about the time limit on our Time Limit Cap on Studies page. 

You need to complete the relevant university forms:

  • the Change of Programme of Study form to transfer program of studies, or
  • the Withdrawal from university form to withdraw from Queen Mary University of London

You can get the relevant form at the Student Enquiry Centre at Mile End or the Student Office at the Whitechapel campus, or from the Academic Registry website.

Also see the section of this advice guide “Leaving your studies completely (withdrawing/deregistration)”.

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