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Thinking about your options

Thinking about your options

Many students have doubts about whether they can continue with their studies. You might feel that you have rushed your decision about coming to university, or feel that you would be more suited to a different programme of study. University life and studying in the UK can be very different to your expectations. Sometimes personal or financial circumstances mean that you cannot give your studies the attention that you would like to.

Whatever your reason for considering leaving, or taking some time out, staff at Queen Mary can support and advise you. It is important not to rush into a decision until you have really thought about it. Talking to someone who is used to advising students about these matters might help you to consider options you did not know about. 

Think about your decision


    • Are you worried about your English language skills, writing essays or preparing for exams?


    • Is your programme of study really the main problem? Maybe other issues in your life are affecting your ability to study.


    • Do you feel pressured to study a subject that you don’t really enjoy?


    • Do you need to know more about other study or career options before you can make an informed decision?


    • Are you finding it difficult to adjust to the education system in the UK?


    • Is this the right time for you to be at university at all?


If these questions sound familiar, you might find it useful to get help and support before you make your decision:


    • A Counsellor or Welfare Adviser in the Advice and Counselling Service can help you to think through your options and offer you support with practical, financial or personal issues





Think about the practical implications of your decision


    • Will you need to leave the UK?


    • What will you do instead of studying?


    • How easy will it be to come back to the UK to study in the future?


    • What will happen to your financial sponsorship?


    • What immigration issues might you need to consider?


    • What are Queen Mary’s administrative formalities if you leave your programme of study at Queen Mary?


    • If you are living in Queen Mary halls of residence, how long will you be able to stay? If you live in other accommodation are you tied to a contract?


Before you make a decision, it is vital that you get accurate information about these practical matters, and this advice guide can help you with this.

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