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Resitting out of attendance


Re-sitting out of attendance

If you have not passed enough modules to progress into the next academic year of your course, you will normally be required to re-sit failed modules at the next available opportunity, which is usually in August. If you pass these re-sits, you will be able to progress into the next academic year in September.

What if I am not able to do the August re-sits?

If you feel that the reason you failed some modules was due to health or personal issues, and that these will not be resolved before the August re-sits, you could apply under the Extenuating Circumstances policy for permission to be absent from the August exams, and to defer your re-sits until May of the next academic year. See our guidance on Extenuating Circumstances for more information.

This means you would be ‘out of attendance’ for a year. You are not normally required to participate in your studies while you are re-sitting out of attendance.

Very rarely, if a student has health or other personal issues which means that they cannot undertake re-sits the following academic year, Queen Mary may give permission for a second consecutive year of re-sitting out of attendance.

Immigration implications if you hold Tier 4 or Student immigration permission

If you are re-sitting out of attendance, Queen Mary will need to report this to the Home Office, who will curtail your immigration permission.  This means you will need to leave the UK.

Please see our guidance on Tier 4 Reporting and Curtailment for more information.

For information about immigration options to return to the UK to do your re-sits, see the section of this guide "How and when do I apply for new immigration permission to undertake my re-sits?"


You do not usually have to pay tuition fees during your period out of attendance. There are no exam re-sit fees.

Resitting a project or dissertation

If you are resitting your project or dissertation, Queen Mary will not normally issue you with a CAS or provide you with any documentation to support any other type of immigration application on the basis of your studies because there is not normally a requirement for you to be in the UK.

If you are resitting a project or dissertation, you should be able to do this outside of the UK. If your project or dissertation requires sample data, your school should provide you with this.

If you feel that you need physical access to the Library or other resources (though strictly speaking you shouldn't need to if the decision is that you are re-sitting out of attendance), then you can use the time between now and when your current immigration permission expires or is curtailed (cut short) to use these resources.

If you feel that you need to spend more time in the UK preparing your dissertation than your current Tier 4 or Student immigration permission allows, contact Immigration Compliance ( to ask if this will be possible. They will need to contact your academic school to ask if they require you to be in the UK to prepare or submit your dissertation. It is unusual for an academic school to support this, but if they do, the Registry may be able to issue you with a letter which you can use to apply to come to the UK as a Visitor. See the section of this guideHow and when do I apply for new immigration permission to undertake my re-sits?”.

I want to retake my studies in attendance

Retakes of modules (requiring attendance) are only approved in extremely limited circumstances.

If you feel that you should be given an opportunity to re-take your modules again (by attending your classes again) you need to make a successful academic appeal. However, as students are expected to have arranged an interruption of studies if they are not fit enough to engage with their studies or sit exams, appeals are usually only successful if you can show that you were not able to interrupt. Please see the Academic Registry website for more information about academic appeals. If you would like advice about whether you have grounds to appeal, you can seek advice from the Students' Union's Academic Advice Service.

Please also see the section of this guide Re-taking a period of study in attendance”.

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