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Re-taking a period of study in attendance

Re-taking a period of study in attendance

Why might I need to re-take a period of study?

Re-taking a period of study in attendance is only offered in very limited circumstances, as students are expected to interrupt their studies if they are not fit to engage with their studies effectively.

However, if you have an extenuating circumstances claim approved by Queen Mary University of London, you might be granted a re-take in attendance as part of your claim. For more information about Queen Mary University of London’s extenuating circumstances claim process, see our advice guide Extenuating Circumstances.

If you are granted a re-take in attendance, you must make sure that you have enough funding for this, as you will usually have to pay tuition fees and living costs for the extra period of time.

Medical and Dental students are usually required to re-take the whole academic year in attendance if they have interrupted their studies or need to re-sit exams. 

What about my tuition fees?

See the section of this guide Tuition Fees and Refunds’

What about my funding?

You must make sure that you have sufficient funds to pay for your tuition fees and maintenance costs for your extra period of study.

If you are sponsored by your government or other organisation, check that they will continue to fund you for this. If not, you must find alternative funds to pay for your tuition fees and maintenance costs for the extra period of time. 

What about my Tier 4 immigration permission (‘visa’)?

If you do not have to interrupt your studies and/or you will not have any gaps in attendance on your course, your Tier 4 student immigration permission should continue as normal.  However as you are likley to take longer to complete your course than expected, your Tier 4 student immigration permission may no longer cover the full length of your course and you will need to apply for additional Tier 4 Student immigration permission in order to complete it.  Contact Student Advice to check if you can make this application in the UK or will be required to leave the UK and apply from your home country. For more information see the section below "Applying for new Tier 4 Immigration Permission".

If you have an authorised absence from your School which means that you will interrupt your course for less than 60 days, and you can still complete your studies within your existing Tier 4 permission, this would not be reported to Home Office. In this case your Tier 4 immigration permission would not be curtailed and you can continue to study  using your current Tier 4 immigration permission.

However, if you have not been attending your course, have had a gap in your study and/or interrupted your study for more than 60 days, this should have been reported to the Home Office.  Normally your visa will have been curtailed and you will have left the UK and returned home.

You can read more about this and the options available to you in our Tier 4 Reporting and Curtailment page. 

If a report has been made to the Home Office and/or your visa has been curtailed, you should not try to travel back to the UK using your last Tier 4 immigration permission.  Instead you will normally require a new Tier 4 visa to return to the UK and resume your study and re-take the year.  If you are not sure whether Queen Mary has made a report to the Home Office or if your immigration permission has already been curtailed, you can contact us and we can help you to check.

Applying for new Tier 4 Immigration Permission (visa)

Before you apply for new Tier 4 student immigration permission you must also check that you can now complete your studies within the relevant Home Office time limit, which is normally five academic years. Information about the time limit can be found in our Guide Applying for Tier 4 General Student immigration permission. If you will not have enough time remaining, please contact a Welfare Adviser about your options.

If you are within the time limit and you need to apply for a new Tier 4 (General) Student visa to return to the UK to complete your course, you will need to make a Tier 4 (General) student immigration application for the additional time that you will need.  For your application you will need a new Confirmation of Acceptance of studies (CAS).  You must apply for a CAS from the Academic Registry. You should be able to apply for your new CAS through MySIS after your student record has been updated to reflect your new expected completion date.

Remember you must also meet the Tier 4 visa requirements including the financial requirements. 

If you will be applying for Tier 4 (General) Student immigration permission, we have produced an advice guide, “Applying for Tier 4 (General) Student immigration permission” and video guides to help you apply. You can find these resources on the Advice and Counselling Service website.

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