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Immigration implications

Immigration implications

If you are considering interrupting, or leaving or changing your course of studies, or if you are required to resit out of attendance or repeat part of your studies, there could be implications for your Tier 4 immigration permission.


Limit (“cap”) on number of years spent studying in the UK


There is a five academic year limit on university study in the UK at degree level with Tier 4 immigration permission, or with pre-Tier 4 student immigration permission. There are exceptions for postgraduate research programmes, Medicine and Dentistry, and for progressing from a 4-year Bachelors to a 2-year Masters.


If your current immigration permission already takes you to the five academic year limit, it may not be possible to apply for any further Tier 4 permission to repeat part of your studies. To check if these limits will affect your study plans, please see the subsection “Time limit (“cap”) on studies” in our guidance on making a Tier 4 (General) Student immigration application.


Will my immigration permission be curtailed (cut short)?


If you are currently in the UK with Tier 4 (General) Student immigration permission, changes to your studies may result in your immigration permission being curtailed or cancelled. Please see our guidance on Tier 4 Reporting and Curtailment for more information.

If you have an authorised absence from your School which means that you will interrupt your course for less than 60 days, and you can still complete your studies within your existing Tier 4 permission, then this would not be reported to UKVI. In this case your Tier 4 immigration permission would not be curtailed.   

Warning: It is important that you make time to read this guidance and make sure that you personally understand the implications that changes to your studies will have on your immigration permission.


What are the implications of changes to my studies?


Significant changes to the immigration rules came into force on the 06 April 2016. Please see our guidance on the immigration implications of changes to your studies to see how this may affect you. This guidance contains information on:


    • Changing courses at QMUL


    • Changes to the details of your course at QMUL


    • Progressing onto another course at QMUL


    • Progressing onto a new course at a different institution


    • Withdrawing from your course at QMUL and moving to a different institution


  • Information for intercalating medical students

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