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Practicalities if you are no longer in attendance

Practicalities if you are no longer in attendance 


For information about how your Student Finance will be affected if you are no longer in attendance, see the later section of this advice guide How will I support myself financially?

For information about how your Queen Mary bursary will be affected, see the later sections of this advice guide Will I have to repay bursary money to Queen Mary? 


I live in Queen Mary Residences

If you live in Queen Mary Residences and need to interrupt, re-sit out of attendance, withdraw from your studies at Queen Mary, or are deregistered or transfer to a different university, you will not normally be able to stay in your accommodation and will need to move out.

As soon as Queen Mary has approved your change of circumstances, you will need to provide a copy of the relevant documentation to Queen Mary Housing Services. You will then be asked to complete a ‘Notice of Intention to Vacate’ form giving 28 days’ written notice to leave your Queen Mary accommodation.

You will remain liable for residential fees for the full 28 days unless Housing Services are able to re-let your accommodation sooner. Once the 28 day period has expired and you have returned your keys, your rent liability will cease.

See the Moving out early section of the Residents’ Handbook [PDF 3,056KB] for more information. 

I live in privately rented accommodation

If you are renting accommodation from a private landlord, and you wish to move out because of a change to your academic studies, you need to carefully check the terms of your contract. If you have signed a contract for a set period of time such as nine months or a year, you cannot normally give notice to end your tenancy until the fixed term has ended, unless the contract contains a ‘break clause’ allowing you to give notice part way through. Contact Queen Mary Housing Services with a copy of your tenancy agreement or contract for advice about your options.

If you cannot move out of your accommodation and need to pay rent, see the later section of this guide How will I support myself financially? for advice about your options during an interruption of study or if you are re-sitting out of attendance. 

Council Tax

You retain your full-time student status during an interruption of study or re-sit out of attendance, and so you would normally remain exempt from having to pay Council Tax. An exception to this can be students who are re-sitting their final year out of attendance. The rules are explained in our Council Tax advice guide.

If you withdraw from or are deregistered from your course, you are no longer a full-time student and so you cannot claim Council Tax exemption on that basis. 

18+ Student Oystercard

If you have an18+ Student Oystercard, Queen Mary will notify Transport for London (TFL) that you are no longer in attendance. When TFL receives this notification, they will cancel your student discount, but you can continue to use your Oystercard as a standard Oyster card.

If you resume your studies, you will need to pay for a new 18+ Student Oystercard. 

NUS Totum Card

If you already have an NUS Totum card, this should not be cancelled as neither Queen Mary nor the Student Union would normally notify NUS that you are no longer attending.

If you are interrupting or re-sitting out of attendance, and you do not already have an NUS Extra card, it should still be possible to apply for one using your Queen Mary ID card. 

National Railcard/Coachcard

If you already have a national railcard or national coach card it should not be cancelled if you are no longer in attendance. However, if you have already interrupted your studies or are already out of attendance and wish to apply for a new card, the Student Enquiry Centre will not normally stamp the application form as it asks for confirmation of attendance.

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