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Why do it

Why do it?

Part-time jobs

There are many benefits to working part time during university, such as:

    • Earning money during your studies
    • Gaining valuable skills for future employment  (e.g. team work, commercial awareness)
    • Building your experience in an area that you’re interested in
    • Finding out more about the world of work
    • Networking and building contacts

Take time to put together a strong application, so you make a good first impression and improve your chance of being invited to interview.  Even part time jobs can be very competitive, so it is important not to rush this stage. See the Careers website for sample CVs and advice on topics such as applications, cover letters, interviews and more.

Where to look for a part-time job

Part-time work is found in a number of areas, such as admin, childcare, customer service, retail, tutoring and hospitality. For a wide range of opportunities visit:

It can be challenging to find part-time work that is linked to your degree or the industry you want to work in after graduation. Many students combine part time work with some volunteering to gain valuable work experience while they earn money. 

Roles on Campus

There are many part-time opportunities on campus, from Student Ambassadors and Library Shelvers, to residential, café, and bar staff. To find opportunities on campus see:

Campus jobs are in high demand, so get your application in early. Limiting your search to only jobs on campus will restrict your success, so look for opportunities in the local area too.

Roles in the local area

QMUL is surrounded by great areas full of shops, bars and restaurants, all which will have vacancies. By looking at lists of shops in each area, you can think of who to contact about vacancies. 

    • Westfield Stratford City is only one underground stop away from QMUL, visit their website for a list of shops and restaurants which may have vacancies.
    • Spitalfields market is close by and has a number of bars, shops and restaurants.
    • Oxford Circus is just 15 minutes away on the tube and many different shops and restaurants.

Many independent local businesses still advertise vacancies in their windows. This is where handing in CVs in person can work. 

Seasonal work

Most retailers and restaurants recruit additional staff for the increased demand during Christmas and the January sales. Tourist attractions, festivals and sports venues often recruit for summer roles, and there is usually an increase in the demand for tutors and around exam time.

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