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My Tier 4 Application Has Been Refused

You will receive a detailed refusal notice, which explains why the application has been refused. You need to quickly take action.

If you believe that the refusal decision is not correct, a successful administrative review would clear your immigration history and would be beneficial to you. 

First, check the date of the refusal notice, and any evidence of any other dates of when it was sent or when you received it.

Second, make sure you understand any deadlines for any decision or action you need to take. See below for more information about deadlines.

Third, make sure you know your options now. If your refusal is straightforward and if you believe it is correct, you would normally need to submit a new application. If your application was incorrectly refused you may be able to challenge the decision. Click the buttons on the right for more information about your options now.

Finally, make sure you understand how to challenge the decision or make a new application.

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