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Making your own opportunities

Making your own opportunities

There are a number of other ways to get experience and earn money, most of which come down to using your initiative and being proactive. 


Enterprise appointments are available in the Careers & Enterprise centre (phone 0207 882 8533) for students at any stage of developing a business or a business idea:

    • If you have a business idea and don’t know where to start
    • If you have set up a business and would like some more guidance
    • If you need financial support to get your idea up and running 

You can discuss anything from initial ideas, marketing strategies to funding applications. For more info, book an appointment or visit the Entrepreneurship page on the Careers and Enterprise Centre’s website.


If you have skills which can be offered to employers on a casual basis such as writing, tutoring or child minding, freelancing can be a way to earn money flexibly. Often this would mean contacting employers directly. In some cases employers may advertise freelance roles. See the Self-Employment paragraph within the Income Tax section of this guide to find out more about how this changes your tax and National Insurance status.


Careers events take place throughout the year on a range of topics and include employer workshops and alumni networking events. Attending events are a great way to find out about available opportunities and to get tips on how to succeed in the application process. Keep checking the calendar to stay up to date with the latest careers events at Queen Mary and beyond. To download online copies of our career information sheets click here.

Identifying fake jobs and scams

If a job is offering you the opportunity to earn money quickly, without requiring any skills and perhaps not even inviting you to interview, it could well be a scam. Legitimate employers will never ask you to send them money for set up costs or to make use of your bank account. Looking at company website can help you decide whether the employer is genuine. Does it look professional and up to date? Do they have professional email addresses (rather than a Hotmail or Gmail account) and do they provide details of their office address and phone number?

Other useful sources of help: Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre, Government website with Employment terms and conditions advice, Citizens Advice Bureau

More info

Visit the Careers website for more information on the types of appointment we offer, and to book.

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