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I have received a letter about missing documents or information

I have received a letter about missing documents or information. What should I do?

If, after submitting your application, you are asked to provide more documents or attend an interview, it is important to get advice from the Advice and Counselling Service or another regulated immigration adviser before taking further action as this will normally be your last opportunity to correct any errors or problems.

“Missing passport and photos” letter

When you apply in the UK, you have 15 working days (3 weeks) to send the documents to the Home Office. If they have not received and scanned your documents onto their system within 8 days, they will send you a reminder letter.

If you receive such a letter, first check the Special Delivery tracking information at If it shows that the Home Office has received and signed for your documents, you can ignore the reminder letter.

It is not a problem if the letter was sent after the date your documents were signed for: during busy periods it may take the Home Office some time to scan your documents, so you may receive this letter even if you can see from the Special Delivery tracking information at that the Home Office has received your documents.

It is also not a problem or issue that the letter only specifically mentions your passport and photo. This is because they are the “mandatory documents” that make any immigration application valid. Your other documents are the “supplementary documents” that show that you meet the Tier 4 rules specifically.

Don’t worry. The letter is not saying that your passport and photographs have gone missing at the Home Office, or that they have somehow become separated from your other documents. It is saying that at the time they sent the letter, the Home Office had not yet logged and scanned the documents you sent, and that this includes your passport and photos, which are the mandatory documents.

After your documents have been scanned, the Home Office will send you a letter inviting you to register your biometric information.

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