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I have applied but not held the required funds for 28 days before I applied

I have applied, but I had not held the required funds for 28 days before I applied

You must have held the required money in your bank account for a consecutive 28 day period BEFOREyou submit your online immigration application. Although you are allowed a further 2 days, 15 working days or 45 working days (depending on how you submitted your application) to provide your supporting documents, the Home Office will not count any money held after the date you submitted your online immigration application.

How do I know what date I submitted my online immigration application?

It is the date when you paid the application fee.

What can I do if I submitted my immigration application before I had held the funds for 28 days?

If you meet all the following there is a solution:

  • Your previous immigration permission has not expired; and
  • You have not posted your documents to the Home Office; and
  • You have now held the required funds for 28 days; and

If you meet all three requirements, or you will meet these requirements before your immigration permission expires, you can submit a new online application as soon as you have held the required funds for at least 28 days. You will have to pay the fee for the Immigration Health Surcharge and the application fee again.

As long as you do not post your documents for your old application to the Home Office, your old application will eventually be declared invalid and your fees for that application and the Immigration Health Surcharge will be refunded.

The Home Office will contact you about your applications, they will not automatically notice that you have submitted a second application. It is, therefore, very important that you check the application reference numbers on any documents you receive from the Home Office. You can ignore any letters/emails with the reference number for your first application, but you must act on any letters/emails with your new application reference number.

What if I do not meet all three requirements above?

If you do not meet all the requirements above, please contact a Welfare Adviser at the Advice and Counselling Service urgently.

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