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How do I get a part time job

How do I get a part time job?


A great way to hear about opportunities is to ask family and friends whether they are aware of any vacancies. Perhaps a friend works somewhere where they are looking for extra staff for example. If you have had a part time job before you came to Queen Mary, you could ask if you can be transferred to a London branch.

Get CV/application feedback

Even though the role is part time, competition can be fierce so you will still need to put effort into your application. Once you’ve drafted your CV or application, book an appointment with the Careers & Enterprise Centre for feedback by calling 0207 882 8533. Each time you apply for a job your CV will be different, as it should explain how your skills and experience fit exactly what that particular recruiter is looking for.

Have a practice interview

Once you have been invited to an interview contact the Careers & Enterprise Centre to book a practice interview. Keep copies of any applications you send, along with the job description for the jobs you have applied to, as you will need these when preparing for the interview.

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