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Official financial sponsor

Official financial sponsor

An official financial sponsor means:

  • The British Government
  • The government in your home country
  • The British Council
  • An international organisation
  • An international company with a trading presence in more than one country, which the Home Office can verify, for example by checking company stationery or websites
  • A university (including funds provided or administered by QMUL)
  • An independent school

If an official financial sponsor is paying for some or all of your tuition fees and/or living costs, you can deduct what they are paying from the amount you need to show. Depending on how your sponsorship is arranged, your sponsorship may be detailed in your CAS statement or in a letter from the official financial sponsor. If it is in a letter, the Tier 4 policy guidance explains the requirements for the letter: search for the section “Documents needed to show official financial sponsorship or government sponsor”

Warning: If you are receiving or have received sponsorship in the last 12 months from a government or an international scholarship agency for all of your tuition fees and your living expenses, you must also provide a letter from your financial sponsor confirming that they give their consent for your immigration application. If you do not provide this letter, your application will be refused.

The sponsorship letter must cover the full duration of your course or your sponsor must provide their unconditional consent for you to remain beyond the period of sponsorship. 

As QMUL is not a government or international scholarship agency, you will not require a letter of consent if you have been sponsored by QMUL and are now extending your Tier 4 leave. We are aware that the Tier 4 in-country visa application form currently asks you to provide this letter if you have previously been sponsored by any official financial sponsor, however this is not in accordance with the Immigration Rules which only requires the letter of consent if you were sponsored by a government or international scholarship agency. If you previously received a scholarship from QMUL and are extending your Tier 4 leave, you can write a cover letter to submit with your Tier 4 supporting documents to explain that a letter of consent is not required because you were not sponsored by a government or international scholarship agency.

Law, regulations and policies can change quickly. The information on our website is given in good faith and has been carefully checked but QMUL cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions. QMUL is not responsible for the content or reliability of the linked websites which are provided for further information.

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