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Funding for sandwich courses

Funding for sandwich courses

Students on a sandwich course will usually spend a year of the course on a work placement in the UK. During this year your entitlement to Student Finance will be different to the other three years of the course.

You won’t be on work placement in your first year, but this information is included here to help you plan ahead if you will be undertaking a sandwich year later in your course.

Living Costs: Student Finance

You can apply for a non-income assessed reduced rate Maintenance Loan.  In 2018/19 providing your work placement is based in London the amount is £3,700.  If your work placement is elsewhere in the UK its £2,635.

Tuition Fee

The tuition fee for students who will be doing a work placement as part of a sandwich course from 2018/19  will be 20% of the full-time rate of tuition fee (£1850). You can apply for a Tuition Fee Loan to pay for this, if you are normally eligible for one.

Students undertaking only one semester on work placement are charged the regular full-time rate for the year of the programme (£9000/£9250) if at least 10 weeks are spent at Queen Mary.

Queen Mary Bursary

You will not normally be eligible for the Queen Mary Bursary during the placement year of a sandwich course.  

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