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Loan repayments

Loan Repayments

Information for all students

Your Tuition Fee Loans and Maintenance Loans will be combined into one Student Finance loan account.

You will be charged interest on your loans from the day you receive them, until the loan is repaid or written off, whichever is first. The interest is added to the total amount you owe every month.

Your monthly repayments are based on how much you earn once you finish studying, not on how much you borrowed. The amount you borrow just affects the total repayment amount and therefore how many years it will take you to repay your loan.

When you have to start making repayments and how much interest you are charged differs according to when you started your course (see below).

If you are working for a UK employer, your repayments are taken automatically through the UK tax system, before you receive your wages. If you are self-employed or you are working for a non UK employer you will pay through self-assessment.

If your income stops, or falls below the salary threshold, your repayments should automatically stop.

You are allowed to make extra voluntary repayments, without penalty. You can contact the Student Loans Company to arrange this.

For more detailed information see:

My course start date is 2012 or later – when do I start repaying my loan, and how much interest will I pay?

If you’re a full-time student you’ll be due to start repaying your loan the April after you finish or leave your course when your income is over the threshold amount for your repayment plan

You won’t have to start repaying your loan until you are earning over £27,295. You will repay 9% of earnings above £27,295.

In most circumstances any unpaid loan amount will be written off 30 years after you first become liable for repaying the loan.

While you are studying, you will be charged interest at the Retail Price Index (RPI) plus 3%. The interest rate is updated once a year in September, using the rate of RPI from March. The rate of RPI from March 2020 is 2.6%. 

If you finish or leave your course before April 2021 you will be charged interest at RPI plus 3% until the April after you leave your course, and then RPI.

From April 2021, the interest rate will be based on your income: 

Your annual income

Interest rate

£27,295 or less

RPI (currently 2.6%)

£27,296 to £49,130

RPI (currently 2.6%), plus up to 3%

Over £49,130

RPI (currently 2.6%), plus 3%

For more information see the SLC website.


If you return to live in your home country after graduation, you must inform the Student Loans Company, who will ask for information about your earnings and give you your monthly repayment schedule. The income threshold above which you will become liable to start repaying your Student Finance loans will normally vary depending on your country of residence and course start date. The SLC repayment website includes information about repaying loans from overseas. 

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