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Help with travel costs to clinical placements

Help with travel costs to clinical placements

Student Finance

During the years when you are not eligible for NHS funding, you can apply for a travel grant from Student Finance England for reasonable costs you incur travelling between your home and the hospital or other facility in the UK where you are doing your clinical training placement. You cannot claim for the first £303 you spend. This grant is income assessed. You apply online as part of your main student finance application. There is more information on the travel grants section of the website.


During the NHS funded years of the course, you can apply for Practice Placement Expenses (PPE) from the NHS Student Grants Unit. The amount of help you may be eligible for depends on whether you are a new or a continuing student and is explained on NHSBSA website. You can normally apply for help with:

  • Travel costs
  • Temporary accommodation

For more information on applying for Practice Placement Expenses, please see the step by step guide to completing the claim form

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