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Funding for electives

Funding for electives

Is there any financial help available for electives?

Queen Mary University of London offers a number of bursaries to help with the costs of electives.

Medical Students

Bursaries towards elective costs are administered by the School of Medicine and Dentistry. All students will receive email notification from the School about how and when to apply for an Elective Bursary. Bursaries range between approximately £250 and £750, with the average bursary being £500 but in exceptional circumstances this can be as high as £1000.

The level of the bursary awarded is based on the your financial need, how well your elective has been arranged (e.g. documentation from the host institution confirming the elective) and your contribution to the student body.

The BMA also publishes a list of trusts and charities which you may be able to apply to for elective funding. For more information about Elective Bursaries please contact Kate McFarlane, Student Office, Whitechapel campus. 

Dental Students

Barts and the London Alumni Association (BATLAA) provide some limited funding to the Dental School for elective bursaries of up to £500. Travelling Scholarships are also available through the dental school to help with the costs of electives. Information about how to apply for these bursaries is published on QM Plus and is available in the Elective Handbook under SSMs.

Some dental students who are spending their elective at a European institution with which the Dental School has a formal agreement, can apply for an ERASMUS grant. You must be spending a minimum of 3 months at the European institution. Places on the scheme are limited and the funding available varies each year. The staff contact at the Dental School for all queries about applying for elective funding is Sarah Bourne.

If you are considering doing an elective abroad, be aware that any financial help you receive may not cover all the additional costs you are likely to incur such as travel costs. University hardship funds will also generally not help with additional expenses incurred by choosing to undertake an elective abroad. Contact a Welfare Adviser if you need advice about financial planning for electives.

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