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What if the person providing my documentation is unwilling or unable to include all of the required information?

What if the person providing my evidence is unwilling or unable to include all of the required information?

Sometimes, medical or other professional staff might not feel able to confirm your circumstances or comment on how you might have been affected. For example, if you have recovered from being unwell by the time you see a doctor, they may not be able to confirm your illness or comment on how it affected you. This is why you are advised to see a medical practitioner while you are unwell.

Similarly, if you seek support from the university’s Advice and Counselling Service (and you are contacting them for the first time), staff will not normally be able to provide evidence as they will not have detailed knowledge about your situation yet, or have observed the effects of the difficulties you have been having. If you are using the Advice and Counselling Service for support, you still need to get evidence from a medical practitioner, as explained above, (or one of the other types of evidence if your claim is non-medical) to support your extenuating circumstances claim. You may be able to obtain evidence from the Advice and Counselling Service, but this should be in addition to your formal medical or non-medical evidence, not instead of it.

If you are required to provide evidence of your circumstances but you are unable to get it, select ‘I do not have any evidence to upload’ and enter the reason in the text box. A reason must be entered in order to proceed with the claim. If you are struggling to get suitable evidence you can seek advice about appropriate evidence from the Queen Mary Students Union academic advice service. 

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