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What happens if my claim for extenuating circumstances is not accepted?

What happens if my claim for extenuating circumstances is not accepted?

Important update during the Coronavirus situation (this applies only to assessments taking place in the affected period, not to assessments from earlier in the year):

If you are unable to make an Extenuating Cirumstances claim, and have not submitted or completed an assessment, this will be treated as Exenuating Circumstances even though you haven't made a claim. You will be awarded a first sit without penalty at the next opportunity. What would normally be recorded as a non-submission should therefore be recorded as a certified absence. This recognises that some students may be unable to either complete an assessment or submit a claim for Extenuating Circumstances. However, where you are able to submit a claim, you should do so. 

The information below relates to claims made at times outside of the Coronavirus situation:


You may receive a mark of ‘zero fail’ for the assessment you failed to submit by the deadline or receive a mark with a penalty deducted depending on the type of coursework. Your programme handbook will provide further information.


If you are absent from your exam, or if you take the exam and fail, you will be given a mark of ‘zero fail’ for the exam. You will have the opportunity to re-sit the exam (as long as you have not exhausted all of your attempts) but the maximum mark you could get for the module will be ‘capped’ at the pass mark (40.0 for undergraduate students and 50.0 for taught postgraduates). Currently, the only exception to this rule is LLB students who do not receive a capped re-sit module mark. However this is changing for students who start the LLB in September 2020 or later, who will be capped. 

You cannot re-sit exams that you have passed to improve your marks.

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