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What happens if my claim for extenuating circumstances is accepted?

What happens if my claim for extenuating circumstances is accepted?


You will be given a mark for the coursework / assessment you submitted late, without any penalty. Or, if you have not yet submitted your coursework / assessment, you will be given a new submission date.


You will be granted a certified absence and will be allowed to take your exam at the next available opportunity. This is called a ‘first sit’. This means that your maximum mark will not be capped at 40.0 or 50.0 (unless the exam you missed was already a re-sit). Check with your academic school when the next available examination opportunity will be. Late summer exams are not available for all academic schools or in every year of a programme, so if you can’t take the exam in the late summer you will normally have to wait until the exam period in the following academic year. Late summer re-sits are not available for final year exams. This is due to change in 2015/16, when all students should be offered a late summer re-sit opportunity, including final year students.

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