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What is the 'fit to sit' policy?

What is the 'fit to sit' policy?

Queen Mary University of London has a ‘fit to sit’ policy, which applies to all assessments. This means that if you sit an exam or submit an assignment, you are declaring yourself fit to do so. Being ‘fit’ generally means that you are feeling well and functioning effectively. Therefore, if you are feeling unwell because of medical or personal difficulties, you should not sit an exam or submit an assignment. If you take an exam or submit an assignment knowing that you are unwell, you will not normally be able to successfully claim extenuating circumstances. There are very limited circumstances in which a student can make a successful extenuating circumstances claim after having gone ahead and sat an exam or submitted an assignment knowing they were unwell. This would normally be limited to situations where a student was so unwell that they were unable to recognise or determine their own ill health, and medical documentation would need to be provided to confirm this.

If you decide not to sit an exam or submit an assignment because of Extenuating Circumstances, you must submit a claim. Please read the relevant sections of this guide about how to do that.

If you attend an exam and fall ill during it and do not feel able to continue, the invigilators will make a record of the incident. You may submit a claim for extenuating circumstances but this will only be accepted if you were not fit to sit on entering the venue but – for unforeseenreasons – became ill during the examination. In these circumstances, any work completed up to the point at which you left the venue will become null and void, irrespective of whether the extenuating circumstances claim is subsequently upheld;you will be treated as if you had never attended the examination.




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