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What if I need to retake a period of study in attendance?

What if I need to retake a period of study in attendance?

Students who fail to progress successfully to the next level of their programme are normally required to re-sit out of attendance (i.e. you would have to stop attending university until the next available opportunity to undertake your assessment / exams – most often this is not until the exam term the following year, as late summer re-sits are not available for all programmes or in every year of a programme).

However, in some extremely limited circumstances, where students have valid extenuating circumstances that affected their ability to attend classes and where there is very good reason why they did not interrupt at the proper time, students may be given permission to attend an academic year, or part of an academic year, again i.e. repeat a period of study. Any decision to allow you to do this will be considered through the usual extenuating circumstances process. If you feel that you have a good case to be given an opportunity to retake a period of study in attendance, you should explain this on your extenuating circumstances form. If you are given permission to retake in attendance, you will be liable to pay tuition fees again. For more guidance about the practical and financial aspects of retaking in attendance, please see the Advice and Counselling Service’s guide: Resitting, interrupting or leaving your course. There is a guide for home and EU students, and also one for international students. You can find the guide here. 

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