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How do I make an Extenuating Circumstances claim?

How do I make an Extenuating Circumstances claim?

The Extenuating Circumstances task on MySIS allows you to register extenuating circumstance claims against assessment elements/modules where it is felt that illness or other circumstances led to non-attendance or non-submission. The task can be found on MySIS under its own section entitled Extenuating Circumstances. Any student registered for assessments will automatically have access.

To add a claim, log in to your MySIS account and click on Extenuating Circumstances in the
menu bar at the top of the screen. This will bring up a summary showing your personal
details, details of your programme and various headings denoting different stages of the
claim process. To add a new claim, click on the New Claim button. 

To help you navigate the claim process there is PDF 'Extenuating Circumstances Student Guide'. You can find this via the MySIS extenuating circumstances home page. 

In the majority of instances, extenuating circumstances claims should be made by students themselves, but it is possible for your home department to create a claim on your behalf if necessary. This should only ever be done on your request and based on evidence/self-certification details that you have provided.

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