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How and when will I find out if my extenuating circumstances claim has been accepted?

How and when will I find out if my extenuating circumstances claim has been accepted?

Upon successful submission of a claim, the claim reference number will appear on screen with confirmation that the claim has been submitted, along with an explanation that details of the claim have been sent to your QM email address. You will be able to track the progress of the claim and view a record of the email via the main Extenuating Circumstances page in MySIS by clicking on Claims Under Consideration; the full details of the claim can then be displayed by clicking on View.

Any claims that have been started but are no longer needed should be deleted, so that your
department are aware those claims are not pending submission

If your School require additional information, they will return the claim to you with an explanation of what they need and you will receive an email instructing you to check your Extenuating Circumstances page where a ‘Claims Requiring Further Information’ section will have appeared. This will display details of the School’s request, along with a link to a reply screen that allows you to send further information.

The role of making a final decision on whether a claim is accepted or not falls to your home school when the Subject Exam Board meets - this happens after the exam period. Your home school is the school responsible for the programme you are enrolled on. In the majority of instances, the school responsible for the module being claimed against and your home school will be the same. There will, however, be instances where the two are separate schools, in which case the module owning school will assess the claim first and pass their comments on to your home school who will then confirm the claim for EC sub-board consideration. (The exception to this is if you are an Associate student, in which case the claim is dealt with exclusively by the module owning school.)

Once a decision has been applied to a claim the details will be sent to you via email to your QM email address.

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