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How much money do I need to show?

How much money do I need to show?

You must show:

  1. Outstanding tuition fees PLUS

  2. Living expenses

Tuition fees

You must show the FULL outstanding tuition fees for the first year of your course, or for your full course if it is one year in duration or less. You can check your outstanding fees in the 'course fees paid to date' field of your CAS. 

If you have paid more since your CAS was issued, it can be updated to show the further payment. 

Living expenses (maintenance)

If your course is 9 months or longer, you will need to show £11,385 for your living expenses. 

A minimum balance of your outstanding tuition fees + living expenses must be shown for at least 28 consecutive days before you submit your Tier 4 application. 

If you have an Official Financial Sponsor who confirms that they are paying all of your tuition fees and living expenses, you do not need any further evidence of your own money. See our information about Official Financial Sponsors.

Exceptions to showing £11,385 for your living expenses

There are four circumstances under which you can show less than £11385 for your living expenses:

1. Doctorate Extension Scheme application

You show £2530, not £11,385

2. Housing payments for QMUL accommodation

If you will be living in QMUL halls of residences you can deduct a maximum of £1,265 of the money you have paid for housing.

Warning: If you have paid more than £1,265 you can still only deduct £1,265 from the amount you need to show for maintenance.

The amount you have paid to QMUL should be shown in your CAS statement.

You can only deduct money that you have paid to QMUL or to the University of London. You cannot deduct money paid to other accommodation providers, even if QMUL arranged your accommodation with the other provider.

If you have lower than average accommodation costs, or you will be staying rent free with a relative or friend, you still need to show £11,385. There is no deduction for free or low cost accommodation.

3. Studying for less than 9 more months

You must show £1265 for every month of your course remaining.

You need to check your CAS statement for the start and end dates of your programme, to calculate the remaining length. You need to round up to full months.

For example, if your course starts on 30 May 2020 and finishes on 01 October 2020, the course length would be 4 months and 2 days. In that case, you would need to show funds for 5 months. £1265 x 5 = £6325. In this example you must show outstanding tuition fees + £6325 for at least 28 days before you apply for your Tier 4 visa. 

4. Student Union Sabbatical Officer

Students who are making a Tier 4 application for more time to stay in the UK to serve as an elected Sabbatical Officer at Queen Mary Students’ Union or at the University of London Union show £2,530

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