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Employer sponsorship

Employer sponsorship

Some employers are willing to sponsor their employees to do postgraduate study, on either a full-time or part-time basis as part of their career development. If you are in employment you could consider asking your employer whether they can assist with the funding of postgraduate study. You will need to be able to convince them that a postgraduate qualification is worth their financial investment, in terms of the benefits that it will bring to you and to the business.


Your proposal to your employer will need to show that you have researched suitable courses, explain how studying a course will benefit you and your employer, and how you anticipate being able to manage the time commitment of studying alongside your job.


If your employer agrees, they may ask you to sign an agreement tying you into working for them for a specified period. Make sure important terms and conditions are agreed in writing, for example how much of the tuition fees your employer is paying, will you be given time off work for revision and exams, and will this be extra study days or will it be deducted from your annual leave entitlement?


There is useful information about employer sponsorship on the Prospects website.


The website has information about employee rights to ask for time off work for training or study.

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